onographies, 2002-2004

The monograph Speech: the sources and principles of development (2004) by Ushakova T.N. reveals the nature of human ability for speech and language which is based on the view of inner factors of development and functioning of speech, in particular psychogenetic influence on speech.  The mechanism of language is initiated by intentional motive and promotes self-expression of a person, his/her interaction with other people, his/her culture assimilation.


The monograph Self-assertion of a juvenile (2004) by Kharlamenkova N.E. gives the contents of phenomenon of person self-assertion based on substantial-attributive, structural-functional and genetic analysis. It has been shown that sexual identitys forming and reconstruction of relations with parents determine the subject and means of self-affirmation.


The book Development of a personality and problems of gerontology (2004) by Antzyferova L.I. collects all her articles on the problems of psychology of personality, of developmental psychology and of methodology of psychological science.


The book Systemic principle. Perception. Communication (2004) by Barabanschikov V.A., Nosulenko V.N. shows the basis, contents and tendencies of development of systemic principle in psychology. Within the bounds of ontological approach the authors discuss how a human being percepts reality the nature and mechanisms of perception. The main conceptions of communication and its influence on cognitive processes are analyzed in the book.


The monograph The dynamics of interaction of functional systems in the structure of activity (2004) by Bezdenezhnykh B.N. contains the results of investigations carried out according to the theory of functional systems by P.K.Anokhin and to the systemic-evolutional approach by V.B.Shvyrkov. The investigations were aimed to study special features of functional systems interaction within activity.


The book Representations of Russian people about moral ideal (2004) by Volovikova M.I. deals with analysis of the problems concerning social representations, particularly, social representations about moral ideal. The author considers peculiarities of the moral ideal among Russian people: social representations about right and moral person, representations about Motherland and a typical Russian person, representations of a real holiday and other.


The book Intellect and creativity in interpersonal interaction (2004) by Voronin A.N. describes general special features of how the factors of interpersonal interaction influence on psychometric intellect and creativity. The investigation is based on the true-to-life situations of interpersonal interaction (between a teacher and a pupil, in the groups of professionals during their joint problem solution, under conditions of organized social interaction, etc.).


The monograph Psychology of management interaction (theoretical and applied problems) (2004) by Zhuravlev A.L. is devoted to the problems of home psychology of management which are analyzed in historical and contemporary contexts. The author substantiated his own approach to psychological investigations of management processes as the interaction between people in hierarchically organized systems. The authors methodical modes described in the monograph help to study the activity and personality of the leader of a labour collective, etc.


The monograph Theoretical-methodological principles of the history of psychology (2004) by Koltzova V.A. deals with the questions of historical-psychological cognition which are considered in the context of general science and of humanitarian paradigm. The author substantiated that the understanding of the subject of history of psychology should be broadened by including psychological knowledge elaborated in non-scientific spheres of social thought.


In her book The role of visual experience in development of psychic functions (2003) Blinnikova I.V. summarizes the results of investigations about the role of visual experience in cognition of environment and in constructing adequate behavior. The author considers the problems of early cognitive, motor, behavioral, social and language development in conditions of visual deprivation.


The book Psychology and holiday: a holiday in human life (2003) by Volovikova M.I., Tikhomirova S.V., Borisova A.M. tells about multiform role and significance of a holiday in the life of peoples and a person.


The monograph Methodology of psychological problems of projecting technical equipment (2003) by Golikov Yu.Ya. describes theoretical-methodological base for solving main tasks of projecting technical equipment: to form strategy of automation, to allot functions among professionals, to provide reliability and safety of object functioning, to arrange professionals activity.


The monograph Psychic self-direction of functional person state (systemic-activity approach) (2003) by Dikaya L.G. produces the materials of theoretical experimental investigations of system-structural organization of psychic self-direction of functional person state which carries out complicated operators activity in special and extreme conditions. The author suggested her conception of self-direction of functional person state.


The book Moral-psychological regulation of economical activity (2003) by Zhuravlev A.L. and Kupreychenko A.B. contains the results of complex investigation of moral-psychological regulation of economical activity of representatives from different social groups of contemporary Russia. These people businessmen and managers, managers of state and commercial organizations, workers of enterprises of different ownerships forms, etc. differ by the type of business activity and by subjectively economical status


The book Self-advertising (2003) by Lebedev A.N. shows the opportunity of person self-advertising in conditions of market relations as the specific article.


The monograph Psychic regulation of operators activity (in special working conditions) (2003) by Oboznov A.A. exposes the situational-dynamic model of system-psychic regulation of professional activity. The author produces conception of inward means to support the functioning system-psychic regulation in special environmental conditions.


The monograph Intellect: structural-dynamic theory (2003) by Ushakov D.V. states structural-dynamic conception which explains both traditional phenomena of psychology of intellect, such as general and special factors of intellect, and recently revealed phenomena which are connected with inheritance of intellectual functions, their development in ontogenesis and etc.


The monograph Art of resonance singing. The principles of resonance theory and technique (2002) by Morozov V.P. is devoted to scientific-experimental investigation of resonance system of a singer which plays important role in forming high professional voice features. This resonance theory of singing art is the result of summarizing more than 40-year investigation of singers who possess different professional levels and of various age.


The book Psychology of advertising (2002) by Lebedev A.N. gives the principles of psychology of advertising, its history, the main theoretical positions, methods and the output of investigation. It has been revealed: different kinds of advertising activity from psychological view, the mechanisms of advertisements influence on a person; besides, the author demonstrates positive and negative influence of advertising on culture.


The book Reflexive development of competence in joint creative work (2002) by Rastyannikov A.V., Stepanov S.Yu., Ushakov D.V. reveals the problem of investigating the individual and collective competence in joint solving creative tasks. The authors study reflexive mechanisms of dynamics of implicit images which form the competence basis and suggest methods of developing collective competence in joint creative activity.


The book Twins form birth till three (2002) by Sergienko E.A., Vilenskaya G.A., Dozortzeva A.V., Ryazanova T.B. gathers the authors experience of psychological work with twins and their families for many years. The book contains present-day data about cultural, biological-physiological and psychological-pedagogical aspects of twins development at early age.


The monograph Personality as the subject of interpretation (2002) by Slavskaya A.N. proves that being related to hermeneutics text interpretation is the dynamic ability of personalitys consciousness to form opinions on political events, scientific theories, deeds and peoples lives, and to provide definite legal and life position of a personality in changeable reality.


The monograph Psychology of intellect. Paradoxes of investigation (2002) by Kholodnaya M.A. is devoted to discussion of sharp problems on psychology of intellect. The author suggests new approach to investigate the nature of intellect in the context of analyzing the peculiarities of organization the individual mental experience of personality. The author considers mechanisms of individual differences in intellectual abilities and various types of intellectual endowments.


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