onographies, 2005-2006

The book Psychology of creativity: the school of Ya.A. Ponomarev (2006) (ed. by Ushakov D.V.) deals with the history and contemporary state of this school created by an outstanding scientist Yakov Alexandrovich Ponomarev (1920-1997). The book includes his work The perspectives of development of psychology of creativity which hasnt been published before and the works of his disciples who form present psychology of creativity. The book contains recollections about Ya.A. Ponomarev.


In his monograph The formation of structure of individual knowledge (2006) Alexandrov I.O. considers the problem of organization and formation of psychological structures from positions of system-evolution approach of P.K.Anokhin V.B.Shvyrkov by example of the structure of individual knowledge (SIK) in positional strategic play. The author describes the process of  formation of SIKs components, their sub-organization, the typology of relations among them, the arrangement of components into groups, age peculiarities of SIK.


The monograph by Almaev N.A. The elements of psychological theory of meanings (2006) exposes the main principles of this theory and its methodology. The author considers psychological mechanisms of understanding natural language, the emotional states induced by music and animation, the problems of revealing psychic states in autobiographic texts, method of content-analysis, the problem of validity of questionnaires texts.


In her monograph Early cognitive development: new look (2006) Sergienko E.A. gives new view on the problem of cognitive development suggesting the hypothesis of interaction and development of subsystems of perception and action. The levels of development are based on the ability to understand physical and mental world. The views on determination of intellectual development, of psychomotor abilities, of speech, of sensitive periods of development are revised in this monograph.


The book by Savchenko T.N., Golovina G.M. The subjective quality of life: approaches, estimate methods, applied investigations (2006) describes different approaches to investigations concerning psychological component of quality of life, the estimate methods of parameters of subjective quality of life and analysis of its structure. The invariant factors of subjective quality of life are marked out and the peculiarities of different groups depending on its age, profession and etc. are also indicated.


In the monograph Theoretical and methodological problems of ethnic psychology (Minsk, 2006) Reznikov E.N. analyses foreign and home literature on ethnic and cross-cultural psychology and defines historical stages of development of this scientific branch. The author considers factors which form ethno-psychological peculiarities of peoples.


In the monpgraph The dynamics of value orientations of personality in Russian society (2006) by Zhuravlev A.L. the authors approach to psychological investigation of value orientations in its dynamics has been substantiated. The dynamics of value orientations is considered as a result of mutual influence between value-motivated peculiarities of personality and social-economical changes of society. The work exposes the dynamics of value orientations of representatives from different social groups during the period from the second half of 1990-ies to the beginning of XXI century.


The book The Soviet psychological science during the Great patriotic war (1941-1945) (2006) by Koltzova V.A., Oleynik Yu.N. considers the main forms of psychologists participation in the defense of our motherland, their scientific activity in leading spheres and the results of theoretical and practical investigations. The authors reveal the influence of psychological science that was developed during wartime on all its further development. The book contains unique archive documents.


In the book Psycho-diagnostics of a school text-book. Intellectual training of pupils (Moscow-St.Petersburg, 2006) by Gelfman E., Kholodnaya M. the new approach to the problem of contemporary school text-book is given. The authors consider a school text-book as a poly-functional psycho-diagnostic system and describe the enriching model of training within which the series of school books have been worked out. The developing role of different types of school texts is analyzed in this book as well.

The book Psychology of perception: the organization and development of perceptive process (2006) by Barabanschikov V.A. exposes psychological contents, the ways of organization and development of perceptive process based on the concept event: perception is considered as the image of reality which exists in the unity of outward and inward conditions. Perception is turned to be the form of both manifestation and generation of our being; that fact gives the possibility to correct perceptive process.


The book The formation of social representations in transforming conditions of Russian society (2006) by Emelyanova T.P. is devoted to the problem of mental assimilation the political and economical transformation in the country by its inhabitants. The author analyzes the peculiarities expressed by different population groups in their forming the representations of democracy, political leadership and social responsibility of a person to the society. Social representations are studied in their close connection to representations of moral values.


The book The practical thinking: specificity and problems of development (2005) by Zavalishina D.N. is about different developmental aspects of practical thinking in the course of long-term execution of ones professional activity. The authors approach lies in the fact that practical thinking is considered from its qualitative changes and in this way it has been accomplished in the model of development of the subject of professional activity. The change of integral quality of the subject on every stage of development represents the basis for revealing qualitative dynamics of practical thinking.


The monograph Psychology of understanding: problems and perspectives (2005) by Znakov V.V. gives the analysis of methodological significance of the phenomenon of understanding in the contemporary humanitarian knowledge in time of transition to post-non-classic science. The author investigated correlation between cognitive and existential components of understanding, analyzed new perspective directions of psychology of understanding, he revealed gender differences in understanding and mutual understanding, designated personal traits of the subject who understands.


In the monograph Methodical problems of ethnic psychology (2005) by Reznikov E.N. the authors method of revealing psychological temper of ethnic peoples is represented. The psychological temper includes peculiarities of mimicry, gestures, body motions and eye-contact among representatives of ethnic peoples.  This method is suggested for investigation of non-verbal forms of communication.


In his book Psychology and methodology (2005) Yurevich A.V. consider psychic components of general methodology of science and psychology. In particular the influence of social-psychological factors on methodology is demonstrated. By considering key methodological problems of psychological science the author defines new vision of its organization. He sets up conception of methodological liberalism as the way of conciliation of research approaches and theories that come up against each other.


The book Representations of Russian people about moral ideal (2005) by Volovikova M.I. is devoted to the problem of social representations of moral ideal in Russian mentality. Different aspects of moral ideal (representations of a decent person, of motherland, of a holiday and others) have been considered in this work, a number of biographical, autobiographical and other materials which show the specific features of moral ideal of Russian people have been analyzed.


The book Druzhinin V.N. Anti-memoirs (2005) includes letters, articles and poems of Druzhinin V.N. a scientist-psychologist (he died tragically on June, 22, 2001) who was widely known among scientists and students of psychological departments who study by his book Experimental psychology.


The book Psychology of family (2005) by Druzhinin V.N. is devoted to the structure of relations among family members, to different styles of up-bringing which influence on the development of childs personality. 


The book Psychology of joint activity (2005) by Zhuravlev A.L. covers the problems of psychology of joint activity which are analyzed in historical context. The author substantiated the dynamical conception of joint activity of a collective subject.


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