onographies, 2007-2008

In the monograph Ethno-functional paradigm in psychology (2008) A.V.Sukharev considers the application of ethnic-functional approach in the sphere of education, psychotherapy and information safety as it allows for ethno-cultural and ecological heterogeneity of society and personality. In particular the principles of ethnic-functional development and ethno-functional unity of micro- and macrocosm are exposed. These principles are essential for understanding the problems of personality in contemporary ethno-cultural mosaic world. The results of applied investigations are given as well.


The first in Russian psychological science collective work The coping behavior: contemporary state and perspectives (ed. by Zhuravlev A.L., Kryukova T.L.,  Sergienko. E.A.) (2008) reflects the present situation and long-term development of psychology of coping behavior. The work covers the broad field of theoretical-experimental output, investigational methods, clinical aspect of the problem, personal and subjective factors of coping.


The work Methodology of complex study of human nature and contemporary psychology (ed. by Zhuravlev A.L., Koltzova V.A.) (2008) (materials of the conference dedicated to one hundred anniversary of  Boris G. Ananiev - the founder of Leningrad psychological school) deals with history, contemporary state and prospects of complex investigations methodology, the scientific contribution of B.G.Ananiev to the development of home psychology (perceptible cognition, characteristics of a human being as a subject, as a personality, as an individuality and as an individual).


The system theoretical-methodological analysis of the problem of terrorism is given in the work of Sosnin A.V., Nestik T. The contemporary terrorism: social-psychological analysis (2008). The authors study socio-cultural and social-psychological beginnings of terrorism, analyze motivation of it and determination of terrorist activity, in particular with its connection to social-psychological specificity of globalization.


The collective work Cognition and communication: theory, experiment, practice (ed. by Barabanschikov V.A., Samoylenko E.S.) (materials of the conference Cognition in the structure of communication, IP RAS, November, 13-14, 2008) is devoted to the problem of origin, organization and function of psychical processes in the course of communication. The authors study the cognitive-communicative formations of psychics mediated by new technologies, the role of cognitive-communicative processes in psychotherapy and many other questions.


In the monograph of Ermolaeva E.P. Psychology of social self-realization of a professional (2008) the psychological aspects of the problem are considered on the basis of professional identity. As a result the model person-profession-society has been worked out, the dynamics of professional identity has been described and special features of profession-genesis in the changing socio-economical space have been educed. The author defined actual problems of self-realization of professionals in Russia.


In her monograph The problems of subjective psychophysics (2008) Skotnikova I.G. substantiated and experimentally verified the subjective approach in psychophysics. It allows to put the quantitative analysis of sensor measurements depending on outwardly set factors into qualitative context of human activity aimed on solving sensor tasks. The role of its structural components for the whole process and for the results of measuring is revealed.


The book Profession labor psychologist (2007) written by academician of RAE, the specialist in labor psychology, Ponomarenko V.A. reveals a lot of new interesting aspects of labor psychology and engineering psychology, in particular, in the theory and practice of psychological training of pilots and cosmonauts. Much attention is given to the problem of morals and spiritual experience during the flight and to the role of psychic-moral sources for aeronautics and cosmic activity and for professional growth in these spheres.


In the monograph of Nosulenko V.N. Psychophysics of perception of habitat (2007) the problem of human perception in every-day life is studied. The special attention is paid to communicative function of psychic and to ecological aspect of this investigation. The author considers perception of events that are included into the context of person life-being, the episodes that are characteristic for human life. Within the perceptional-communicative approach two types of analysis  psychophysical and verbal-communicative work.


In his monograph Personality and fixed forms of behavior (2007) Zalevskiy G.V. has analyzed and systematized the findings on fixed forms of behavior. In the centre of his analysis is rigidity-flexibility in continuum of predispositional factor of phenomenology of fixed behavior forms of a separate person as an individual system, family, organizational associations, school, ethnic groups as group systems.


The book Theory and methodology of psychology: post-non-classical perspective (2007) by Zhuravlev A.L. and Yurevich A.V. is the articles of home methodologists in psychology. The most actual problems both traditional and new ones that have become aggravated at post-non-classical stage of their development are under consideration. The book describes the fate of basic branches of home psychology, their present situation and perspectives. The perspective of creating the integral psychology under conditions of methodological pluralism is analyzed.


In the monograph by Gostev A.A. Psychology of secondary image (2007) the imagery experience (representations, imagination, dreams and etc.) is considered as the whole imagery sphere. The religious-mystical experience reflected in it is analyzed. In particular, by the example of sacred paternal tradition. The author considers the role of images for self-knowledge and for personality development, practical work with imagery sphere and other questions. The question of social representations is revealed in the context of the problem of contemporary forms of psycho-manipulation.


172 illusions that can occur to air crew during the flight (by airplanes and helicopters) are described and classified in the book The teaching of illusions during the flight: the principles of  aviation delialogy (2007) by Kovalenko P.A., Ponomarenko V.A., Chuntul A.V. The classification of illusions has been made by frequency of mentioning, by duration of their influence, by their influence on flight safety, by mechanisms, reasons and conditions of their emergence, by the actions  of pilots affected by illusion. The new catalogue of disorientation has been created as the open system ready to be replenished.


In the monograph Psychology of ethnic communication (2007) by Reznikov E.N. different sides of ethnical communication are studied in theoretical-methodological and applied aspects, particularly its perceptive, communicative and interactive functions and their connection with interpersonal relations. The author analyzes strategy, tactics and methods of psychological influence (persuasion, suggestion, infection and imitation), considers the question of prognosticating behavior of representatives of ethnic group.

The monograph by Belopolskiy V.I. The human look: mechanisms, models, functions (2007) is devoted to the problem of activity of visual perception. The human look is explained like perceptionalmotor functional organ, subjectively presented in the spatial system of count as visual ego-centre. The mechanisms of look control has been described, its functions have been revealed and analyzed. The author defined the place of the look in the system of processes of motor, sensor, perceptional and cognitive levels.


The collective monograph Communication and cognition (ed. by Barabanschikov V.A., Samoylenko E.S.) (2007) develops the idea of unity of cognition and communication. The new level of knowledge allows to work out the following questions: the question of origin, organization and functioning  of psychic processes in communication; correlation of verbal and nonverbal means of communication; interrelation and inter-transition of communication and joint activity; the ways a personality getting engaged by into the process of communication and its transformation.


The book Developmental tendencies of contemporary psychological science (ed. by Zhuravlev A.L., Koltzova V.A.) (2007) includes the reports of participants of jubilee scientific conference dedicated to 35th anniversary of the Institute of psychology RAS and to the 80th anniversary of its founder and its first director B.F.Lomov (1927-1989). The materials reflect the developing scientific branches in the course of which the research workers of the institute work out their investigations.

The collective work Psychology of adaptation and social environment: contemporary approaches, problems and perspectives (ed. by Zhuravlev A.L., Dikaya L.G.) (2007) is devoted to the problems of adaptation of social-psychological personality to social changes in present Russian society. The aspects and mechanisms of adaptation are considered on the group and individual levels, the question of reliability of compound man-machine complexes while exploitation is discussed as well. The book deals with the questions of professional adaptation to stress conditions of work, of post-traumatic adaptation and etc.

The book by Zhuravlev A.L. and Kupreychenko A.B. Economical self-determination: theory and empirical investigations (2007) is devoted to the problem of radical change in value system  of mass, group and individual consciousness in crucial periods of society development. Economical self-determination is displayed as the most important factor of peoples economical activity. The authors consider economical-psychological phenomena typical for Russian present-day reality, they reveal some specific features of economical self-determination.


In the scientific articles The phenomenon and category of maturity in psychology (2007) (ed. by Zhuravlev A.L., Sergienko E.A.) the understanding of maturity as a category is revealed as well as its role in psychological theories and its significance for interpretation the  empirical data. Different views on the contents of this concept are presented in the book in broad scale of its application: from the stage of development of psychic functions to the criteria component of a personality, professional.

The monograph by Znakov V.V. The understanding of thinking, communication, human existence (2007) covers such questions like psychology of understanding in its formation, its theoretical principles and empiric investigations, its connection with other spheres of psychology. The author has analyzed the inward conditions, personal characteristics and principles of outlook that affect on interpersonal understanding and on individual cognition as the way of human existence in the world, the search for the sense/ meaning of life.


The 4th number of articles The investigative methods of psychological structures and its dynamics (2007) (ed. by Savchenko T.N. and others) describes the approaches, methods and empiric investigations of personal factors and characteristics which influence on satisfaction of life. The obtained results give us the information about  knowledge regulating and mathematical modelling of factors of subjective quality of life and its dynamics.

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