Report of Rubinstein Conference

On October, 15-16, 2009 the all-Russian scientific jubilee conference Psychology of a person in contemporary world was held in the Institute of psychology Russian Academy of Sciences.  The conference was dedicated to 120 anniversary of an outstanding Russian psychologist Sergey Leonidovich Rubinstein. The heritage of S.L.Rubinstein and the scientific school that he founded are connected with the names of researchers from IPRAS still working (K.A.Abulkhanova, L.I.Antzyferova) and passed away (A.V.Brushlinskiy, E.A.Budilova) and others.

            Leading psychologists of our country and guests from abroad participate in the conference over 400 participants from different regions of Russia (Moscow, St.Petersburg, Smolensk, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Nothern Osetia and other) and of abroad (Belorussia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, India and other).

            The conference program included wide range of questions of psychological science. The participants discussed actual problems of personal psychology and human communities in conditions of social, ecological, technical, cultural, moral-spiritual, political and other changes occurring in the world.

            The discussion was organized in the form of plenary and sectional lectures, debates. Besides, there was held the round-table discussion devoted to the place of S.L.Rubinsteins scientific heritage in contemporary psychological science.

            The Chairman of Organizational conference committee, the director of the Institute of psychology RAS, Anatoliy Zhuravlev, opened the conference substantiating that scientific problems included in conference program are actual and connected with the contribution made by S.L.Rubinstein for the development of psychological science. Then the plenary lectures were made by:

Academician of RAE Ksenia Abulkhanova on Creative heritage of Sergey Leonidovich Rubinstein in contemporary psychology,

Corresponding member of RAE Antonina Zhdan from Lomonosovs Moscow State University  on S.L.Rubinsteins traditions of psychological education in Moscow university,

Corresponding member of RAE Vladimir Barabanschikov on Ontological approach to the study of perception.

            The work of all sections (from 1 to 3 sessions in each section) was very intensive. Section themes:

- S.L.Rubinsteins investigative traditions. The complex and system approach (co-chairmen I.O.Aleksandrov, V.N.Nosulenko)

- Cognition, activity, communication (co-chairmen V.A.Barabanschikov, Yu.K.Kornilov, V.V.Selivanov)

 - The neuro-physiological principles of psychology (co-chairmen Yu.I.Aleksandrov, A.M.Chernorizov)

- The personality of a professional in the society of modern technologies (co-chairmen L.G.Dikaya, A.N.Kostin)

- Personality as the subject of life course (co-chairmen E.Yu.Korzhova, N.A.Loginova, A.A.Oboznov, N.E.Kharlamenkova)

- Personality and group in conditions of social changes (co-chairmen V.E.Semionov, A.S.Chernyshov, A.V.Yurevich)

- The problem of individuality in the works of our psychologists (co-chairmen T.A.Rebeko, V.M.Rusalov)

- The spiritual-moral development of a person in contemporary Russian society (co-chairmen N.Ya.Bolshunova, M.I.Volovikova, A.A.Gostev, L.M.Popov, A.B.Kupreychenko)

- The existential problems in S.L.Rubinstein's works and in contemporary psychology (co-chairmen V.V.Znakov, T.L.Kryukova, A.O.Prokhorov)

- Creativity, abilities, endowment (co-chairmen L.Ya.Dorfman, N.N.Nechaev, D.V.Ushakov)

- The subjective approach in psychology: history and contemporary condition (co-chairmen A.L.Zhuravlev, V.A.Tatenko)

- Developmental psychology and acmeology (co-chairmen A.A.Derkach, E.A.Sergienko, T.P.Skripkina)

- The problem of consciousness in the works of S.L.Rubinstein, D.N.Uznadze, L.S.Vygotskiy

- The problem of activity (co-chairmen V.S.Agapov, Yu.Ya.Golikov, I.V.Imedadze, D.A.Leontiev, N.I.Nepomnyaschaya)

            The collected articles of the conference in 6 volumes (over 150 p.l.) reflect the main problems of different spheres of contemporary psychological science. They were distributed among the participants.

            The conference will undoubtedly further the development of psychological science, the strengthening interregional and international relations among scientists, the creation of new scientific projects, and the increase of the role of academician psychology in contemporary social processes.

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