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Smolensk, May 30-31, 2014 

The 4th International Scientific Conference





This is the 4th International Scientific Conference, which will be held at Smolensk University of Humanities. It will encourage and advance the ideas presented at the conference organized in 2012 under the same title which was a great success and awoke a wide response in scientific community. Its results were published in Psychological Journal №5, 2012.

Carrying out the present conference will provide an opportunity to define the present state of ethnic and cross-cultural psychology, to set the main tasks and perspectives of their development.

The primary objectives of the conference – scientific information interchange about working out theoretical problems of ethnic and cross-cultural psychology, as well as discussion of tasks and prospects of the development of interdisciplinary ties in the fundamental research made within the framework of psychology, ethnology, cultural studies, sociology and anthropology.

The conference areas of focus: methodology and theory of ethnic and cross-cultural psychology; ethnic identity as a fundamental problem of psychology; culture and cognitive processes; psychology of cross-cultural interaction and ethnic conflicts, problems of migration and acculturation; ethnic socialization and multicultural education.

The program committee of the conference includes leading scientists from Russia and CIS countries, working at the specified sphere: B. Alishev, professor (Kazan); V. Vasyutinskiy, professor (Kiev, Ukraine), M. Volovikova, professor (Moscow); V. Gritsenko, professor (Smolensk); A. Dzhalalova, PhD (Narva, Estonia); L. Drobizheva, professor  (Moscow); A. Zhuravlev, professor, Corresponding Member of RAS  (Moscow); I. Kaunenko, PhD (Kishenev, Moldova); O. Kozlova, (Shchetsyn, Poland), V. Labunskaja, professor (Rostov-on-Don); N. Lebedeva, professor (Moscow); N. Malikova, professor (Moscow); V. Malkova, professor (Moscow); J. Mardosa, professor (Vilnius, Lithuania); M. Martynova (Moscow), L. Matveeva, professor (Moskow); M. Nyagolova, PhD (Veliko-Tyrnovo, Bulgaria); A. Orlova, professor (Vitebsk, Belarus); V.  Pavlenko, professor (Kharkov, Ukraine); L. Pochebut, professor (St. Petersburg), A. Reznik, professor (Negev, Israel);  E. Reznikov, professor (Moscow);                T. Smotrova,  PhD (Balashov); G. Soldatova, professor (Moscow); T. Stefanenko, professor (Moscow); A. Sukharev, professor (Moscow); A. Tatarko, PhD (Moscow), F. Tashimova (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan), E. Khakimov, PhD; V. Khotinets, professor (Izhevsk); O. Khukhlaev, professor (Moscow); R. Shamionov, professor (Saratov).

Chairwoman of the organizational committee: Doctor of Psychology, professor, the head of the chair of general and social psychology in Smolensk University of Humanities V.V. Gritsenko (Smolensk).

Co-chairmen of the organizationalcommittee: Professor N.E. Mazhar (Smolensk), professor L.M. Drobizheva (Moscow), professor, Corresponding Member of RAS  (Moscow) A.L. Zhuravlev, professor M.Y. Martynova (Moscow).

Organizational committee: Doctor of Psychology M.I. Volovikova (Moscow); Candidate of Psychology I.I. Kaunenko (Kishinev); Candidate of Psychology V.V. Konstantinov (Pensa); Candidate of Psychology G.N. Malyuchenko (Balashov); Candidate of Psychology M.A. Chibisova (Moscow); Doctor of Geography A.P. Katrovskiy; Doctor of Psychology V.V. Selivanov; Candidate of Psychology Y.Brazhnik; Candidate of Psychology A. Gaivoronskaya; Candidate of Psychology L. Dikevich; Candidate of Laws E.V. Kuznetsova; Candidate of Psychology N.V. Molchanova; Candidate of Psychology I.M. Osipenko; Candidate of Psychology N.V. Pavluchenkova; Candidate of Psychology N.N. Pletenevskaya;  Candidate of Psychology E.M. Turok (Smolensk).

Technical secretaries: N. Zhukova, Y. Gavronova, M. Efremenkova, N. Murashchenkova, T. Sborovskaya, Y.V. Kovalyova, N. Ranchugova (Smolensk).

For participation in the conference it is necessary to forward an application form and the text of the article (not more than 5 pages) to the organizational committee to the following electronic by March 1st, 2014.


Conference languages: Russian and English.

In the application form it should be specified:

1.     Full name (first name, middle name, last name)

2.     Place of work, Position, Scientific Degree, Academic Status

3.     Contact Data: phone (cellular, home with the city code); E-mail; full postal address

4.     Report Title

5.     Participation in the conference: intramural, extramural

Publication requirements

-      Papers should not exceed 5 pages in length: size 14, spacing 1.5, alignment on width, font Times New Roman, margins 25 mm on top, bottom and both sides, text editor Word 98-2007, page orientation: book, indent 1.25. Automatic hyphenation should be activated. Pages shouldn’t be numbered.

- The author’s initials and surname should be typed in bold italics in the right top corner, the city and the full name of the workplace – in italics on the right below. The title of the report should be typed after a blank line in bold letters in the centre. The list of literature should be typed at the end of the article in an alphabetic order according to State Standard 7.1-2003, text references – in parentheses: (Petrov, 2003).

- The text of the article and the application form are sent in separate files and named by the author’s surname: Ivanov, article; Ivanov, application form.

- The cost of publication is 150 roubles for each complete (incomplete) page of format A 4. Article fee is required only after the notification of article acceptance.

The organizational committee reserves the right to reject publication materials if they are not agreeable with the theme of the conference. Conference Committee will provide e-mail notification of acceptance by March, 15th, 2014.

The individual invitation to the conference and/or publication decision will be sent after receiving the application form and consideration the theses of the report.

All the travel allowances are paid at the expense of the sending organizations.


The conference address: Smolensk University of Humanities, 2, Gertsen Street, Smolensk, 214014, Russia. Website:

For further information please contact:

Tel. (8-920-306-09-85 – Yulia Gavronova (for those who speak English).

                            Fax. (4812)683335, E-mail:

Tel. (4812)683046 – Zhukova Nataliya Borisovna (The chair of general and social psychology, Smolensk University of Humanities)

(4812)649637 (home) – Gritsenko Valentina Vassilyevna –

You are welcome to take part in the conference!

You are asked to pass on this information to Your colleges and those who might get interested!


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